How Coca Cola used this to underline the moral behind their brand story

How Coca Cola used this to underline the moral behind their brand story

At The Buzzz we believe that any brand story has a moral. Sometimes this becomes the brands strap line in communications but, put more simply it is the end reason or objective behind everything the brand does. Of course it helps if you are one of the biggest brands in the world and can act out your brand stories wherever they may be. Look at the example from Coca Cola at the bottom of this blog.

But the same principle applies whatever size your brand and whichever market you play in. Increasingly now consumers have a ‘voice’ as well as a ‘choice’ and they are willing to express it. You need to work hard to understand what the moral of your brand story is; typically you need to ask your customers and consumers, because no amount of internal introspection will enable you to see your brand as those who consume it do. We can help you achieve this aim, because for the last 5 years we have been experimenting with storytelling and story structures to help brands find and craft the moral behind their story. Guess what? As consumers become more connected the things they share most have an emotional connection they want to share. We are now seeing brand story morals being literally interpreted as a moral action or acting for ‘good’. Coca Cola have hit this new morality as they seek to divert attention away from health issues and focus on the role their brand plays in the lives of consumers. They connect emotionally and around the most positive emotion they can find … happiness.

Think about it – what does your brand do that it feels naturally associated with and is morally sound and genuine? An uncomfortable question I guess for many people reading this – so think about thinking differently about your brand and where it is going. Talk to us – we may have some experiences you can draw on!

Enjoy the clip and tell me this is not an ultimate and culturally transcendant expression of a human emotion! I expect to hear very few responses to that challenge! Well done to Coke.