During the dark days of the Pandemic lockdowns, we started to think about ways we could allow our clients who had important projects and new ideas to test to get access to consumers or customers who could help shape; test or add value to those projects. The problem was so many clients had locked down expenditures and budgets too. Our solution went back to some simple principles – how little research can you get away with and still be credible AND what can we do to improve the quality of the response and input?

We explored empirical tests conducted on the optimum number of interviews (before the incremental insights gained started to fall away and you are left with confirmation only) and found a number of studies which demonstrated the answer lay between 8 and 12. We then went back to our earlier work based on the Wisdom of Crowds which, put simply, shows how an informed or more engaged audience has a more accurate ability to forecast outcomes. So we smashed these two concepts together and started to provide an approach to idea testing; generation; customer experience; and NPD development. Over the last 3 years we have perfected; refined and tested the approach with the collaboration of some star clients and feel now is the time to broaden the appeal of something we call ‘Just Enough’ Research. Not to be confused with Erica Hall’s excellent book on sampling – this is a research-based solution which has been applied as a stand-alone and as a first-stage exploratory part of a much broader program of work. In a world of generative AI, it remains centred on human collaboration and allows us to get close to the people most likely to consume or use the product, service or promotion being considered.

It works. It’s simple to apply. AND it covers your ass! To find out more – click the link below and then give me a call to explain more ….

Just Enough Research